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      Close your eyes and visualize the place you feel the most at peace.  The place you go to escape the everyday stresses of life. Are you in a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of your favorite wine. Merlot or Chardonnay, the choice is  yours. How are you feeling as you ease yourself in the water? The water temperature is just right to melt away the stresses of the day. Now what do you smell? Is it the relaxing smell of your favorite Lavender Chamomile Candle or the intoxicating aroma of Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang? Chances are, your place of relaxation has a certain smell or aroma that can change your mood or elicit feelings of calm.The right aromas can promote feelings of balance and relaxation or make you feel happier, healthier and stronger. When I started on my journey learning about essential oils I was amazed to discover that there are blends that promote confidence or help to facilitate effective communication.  It is empowering to know that after a hard day I can prepare a quick bath salt blend or a stress relieving misting spray.

      Aromatherapy 101

      Aromatherapy is an alternative or holistic form of therapy that helps to promote an optimal state of mind, body and emotional wellness. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from certain types of trees, grasses, plant roots or flowers to supplement the treatment of many different conditions and improve the well-being of one's emotional and physical health. Many essential oils have more than one property, so many individuals experience multiple benefits when used.  By providing a holistic approach to balancing the entire body rather than just targeting one ailment or specific symptoms, aromatherapy assists the body’s natural abilities to reduce stress and prevent illness. From bruises, coughs and colds to headaches- there is an oil for that! Essential oils are also great for the use in cleaning for those who prefer not to use harsh chemicals and want toxic free products.  They are also used in beauty products such as deodorizing body oils and lotions.

      Aromatherapy Mind Body and Spirit


      Aromatherapy is often used to to promote mental clarity and mindfulness. Mindfulness is another way of saying “being present in the moment”. Blends of Clary Sage and Lavender are great with helping one be more mindful. Rosemary is good for mental focus and clarity, while essential oil blends containing Patchouli are often used for meditation.

      According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 40 million adults are affected with an Anxiety Disorder. The use of Aromatherapy has become increasingly popular as complement to traditional therapy as certain essential oils are known for their stress relieving properties. Lavender encourages emotional balance and Neroli is known to be calming and uplifting.It is always important to speak with your health care provider before considering any holistic  or complementary therapy options.


      A big part of wellness is taking care of your physical health. The amazing benefits of aromatherapy can really be seen by all the positive effects essential oils can have on the body.  Essential oils are known for their abilities to help support the reduction of pain and inflammation. Blends containing certain essential oils like Cardamom, Juniper and Spike Lavender are great for easing tired, achy muscles and joints.

      We have all been in a situation where we have eaten one bite too many. Essential oil blends containing Ginger, peppermint, and lime can help reduce feelings of indigestion.

      Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils. It is used to help to soothe skin irritations from bug bites to bruises.

      Essential oils are often used in blends during cold and flu season. They are used in aromatherapy inhalers or  used a part of steam blends. Eucalyptus has properties that promotes congestion relief and Lemon can help with allergies.


      The definition of wellness  is not just the absence of disease. It involves making positive changes that affect the mind, body and Spirit. Spiritual wellness is a part of the health dimension that can be the personal.  Everyone has their own individual definition of spirituality and their own way to nurture that aspect of their wellness journey. The use of essential oils can play a key role in nurturing spiritual wellness. Spikenard oil  and Frankincense are used in blends that promote meditation and personal reflection. They can also be used to make incense which is often burned during periods of tranquil contemplation.


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